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Why Aix-en-Provence ?

With more than 300 sunny days per year and a close connection to the sea, Aix-en-Provence is ideal for an adventurous summer. The noble façades lining the Cours Mirabeau and the majestic avenues, hidden squares and elegant fountains of the old town are trace of Aix's status as former capital of the counts of Provence. The city is punctuated by lovely cafés and bars with many terraces where you can sit under the sun. In a nutshell, Aix is a vibrant and irresistible city which you will wish never to leave after coming to our Summer School.

Why Air Law ?

Air Law is the field of law which provides the legal bases for aircraft navigation and governs its organization. Air traffic is growing more quickly than other modes of transport especially in between developed countries. Transport by the air is not only faster in speed but also ignores natural and man-made obstacles faced by road and railways transports, which makes it the ideal mode of transport over long distances.


Why the SLS on Air Law ?

ELSA Aix-Marseille presents the only Summer ELSA Law School in France ! The acuteness of the terrorist threat and the emergence of new technologies are challenging the Law and aviation security Authorities. Bearing this in mind, ELSA Aix-Marseille decided to focus the second edition of its SLS Air Law & Terrorism on aviation security and safety. This project grew out of a double desire : develop the offer of summer universities within ELSA by proposing a new topic, the aviation law, and promote the aeronautical industry of the South of France region. From August the 26th to September the 2nd, we will sensitize you about the geopolitic of terrorism, the protection of territory with the dual aspect (civil & military) and fight against terrorism in the light of aviation security & safety

Why you ?

Our SLS is open to European students who are interested in Air Law. Prior knowledge of the law subject is not required but interest in Air Transport and strong motivation will be highly considered. Good knowledge of English is mandatory and some knowledge of French might be of help (not mandatory)!


By participating to our Summer Law School on Air Law, you are offered a lot of opportunities which will broaden your horizons, enrich your education and improve your skills.


Interact with law students and young lawyers from all around Europe and learn about foreign legal systems.


Pursue your interests and gain some experience in an unusual legal subject: Air Law.


Develop your verbal and written English skills.


Seminars and Conferences will be given by top rank air safety and air law specialists.


Get the chance to visit Air Law related institutions and see the sights of the local area.


Gain new and valuable knowledge and put them into practice by engaging in academic arguments, debates and simulations.



ELSA Member from a non-favoured country


ELSA Member from a favoured country


ELSA Alumni/ ALSA Members


Non ELSA Members



Gala Ball


Transfer to/from the Airport/Train station/Bus station


Some FAQ

Applications to ELSA Summer Law School have been unified (ELS). You therefore must apply through the ELS Portal here.

You will have to give basic information about you (name, surname, date of birth, contact information, etc.) and to write down your CV and a Letter of motivation for each ESLS you wish to apply to.

We are looking for interested student who want to learn about Air Law or strengthen their knowledge in that field of law. We will thus make the selection upon motivation and achievements. A strong ELSA background and knowledge on the topic are not required but will be appreciated.

Participation fees include the accommodation and meals as well as the social and cultural programs of the Summer School. If you wish you can also purchase the following services (extra fees):

  • Gala Ball
  • Transfer to/from the Airport, Train station or Bus station

Do not hesitate to contact us if you choose to stay longer in Aix. We can provide you with extra nights which will be additionally charge.

The seminars and conferences will exclusively be held in English. We will also make sure that you are always accompanied by English speaking persons. You therefore don’t have to speak French to attend our Summer School.